Garden & Pool

The pool is set in a private garden, it is open from May 1st until October 7th.

Swimming pool at house for rent in Languedoc region of France.

The pool is 8 x 4.5 meters and is set in the middle of our private garden which is separate from the house and about 30 metres away across an almost unused road.
Private swimming pool in private garden Languedoc, France
It  faces South with an uninterrupted view of unspoilt hills. It is surrounded by wooden decking, grass, flowers, trees and shrubs.  There is an area, which catches the early morning sun, for sunbathing and another more shaded area for lounging. There is a fridge, table and chairs. All perfect for a day by the pool. 
Swimming pool with a view, Languedoc, France
There is a locked solid wooden door into the garden and the whole area is fenced with green wire netting covered with bamboo latticing which makes it impossible to see into the garden from outside as well as acting as a wind barrier.
 With its magnificent view, sun and shade, the garden and pool are rather idyllic.