Les Collines, is located in the Languedoc in the small Cathar hilltop village of Laurac le Grand.

Carcassonne 30 minutes, Toulouse 55 minutes., 18th century house to let with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large terrace, private garden in which there is a 8m x 4.5m swimming pool.

Our house, Les Collines, is located in the Languedoc in the small Cathar hilltop village of Laurac le Grand which is a protected historic village of 150 people.

The origin of Laurac-the-Large, old royal judicature of the seneschalsy of Toulouse is prior to the Xth century. It was an important castle and was for a long time the capital of Lauragais to which it gave its name. One still notices in the village the remains of the old fortifications which testify to the care given to their construction.
After having belonged to the Counts of Carcassonne, the castle of Laurac and Lauragais passed to the possession of Guillaume IV, Count de Toulouse, who in 1071 gave them in Trust to the Count de Barcelone.
1179 – The King d’Aragon gave to Roger, Viscount of Beziers, the castle of Laurac and Lauragais.
1211 – Simon de Montford seized the castle of Laurac during his persecution of the Cathars and slaughtered many of them.
1213 – The Count Raymond, from Toulouse, gave to the King the castle of Laurac.
1226-1238 – Bernard Othon was Lord of Laurac. In 1233 he raised the enclosing walls and reinforced the fortifications.
1478 – Lauragais was established as a major region.
At some period Catherine de Medici became The Countess of Lauragais.

Now totally unspoilt, peaceful and quiet, Laurac reflects its history and retains all the charms of ancient rural France.

GPS Coordinates: 43.2291529 & 1.9746390000000247

Location of Laurac le Grand, France.

Pool from the air - Google Earth image.
Aerial view of the village, showing location of our pool.